Re-Homing an Animal

Recycled Love generally runs at capacity. The sad truth is that there are far too many homeless pets in and around Baltimore for local rescues and shelters to handle. If you have found a lost, stray, or homeless animal, there are a few things you can do to properly assist the animal.

Use caution when approaching any strange dog. Even an otherwise friendly animal could feel threatened and bite a stranger if it is lost and stressed.

If you are able to secure the animal, check for identification tags. If the animal does not have an ID, make "found dog/cat" posters and place them around the location at which you found the animal. Ask individuals in the area if they have ever seen the animal before. Place a free add on Craigslist or in your local paper.

If you cannot find an owner, please consider fostering the dog and finding an appropriate adoptive home. Recycled Love can help advise you in this endeavor and may be able to help advertise the animal as a courtesy. If you decide to foster the animal, you should keep it separated it from your own pets until you know that it is both healthy and friendly towards other animals.

If you are unable to foster the animal, please try to find a no-kill or low-kill shelter to which you can take the animal.

We thank you for any assistance you provide to an animal in need. Good luck!

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